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Flight Attendant

Jeddah - Saudi Arabia

Job summary :
Minimum of 5 years of recent corporate flight attendant experience.
Job details :
Role :
Responsible for the welfare and safety of passengers on board the aircraft.
Provide first class customer service.
Advance planning for trip preparation.
Responsible for the purchase and stocking of cabin supplies and catering from bakeries, markets and restaurants.
Cabin dining preparation ensuring proper food handling guidelines are adhered to and fine dining presentation
Proper cleaning and laundering of all cabin linens and serving ware.
Coordination with other crew members and personnel to review trip details.
Knowledgeable of abnormals and emergency procedures.
Conducts emergency/service brief prior to each leg and ensures that the cabin is secure prior to taxi.
Performs preflight and post-flights of aircraft emergency, cabin and galley equipment.
Greets all passengers and confirms the passenger manifest is correct.
Responsible to the PIC of a scheduled trip for all assigned duties.
Responsible for ensuring the company’s goals for safety, security and quality are met by continual compliance with the company Safety Management System (SMS) program and reporting through the appropriate process any safety, security or quality recommendations or non-compliance observations.
Ability to operate all of the entertainment systems and equipment on board the aircraft as well as perform basic troubleshooting. Ability to work in a vibrant on-demand flight department. Ability to react and handle change if necessary.
Complete assigned administrative duties in a timely fashion, (expense reporting etc.).
Responsible to maintain service levels/stock on three aircraft but only routinely fly .
Requirements :
Minimum of 5 years of recent corporate flight attendant experience.
FACTS, Flight Safety or equivalent FAA certified training program preferred.
Ability to work effectively as part of a crew.
Knowledgeable with safe food handling procedures.
First Aide training required to respond to in-flight medical situations.
Certified to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and in the usage of an automated external defibrillator (AED).
Proficient with all aircraft emergency equipment and knowledge of emergency procedures.
Knowledgeable of FAA and customs regulations.
Strong culinary/fine dining experience preferred.
Flexibility to work a varied work schedule requiring weekend and holiday work days.
Ability to travel as needed for international flights.
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