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Restaurant Manager

Retail consult
Al Manama - Bahrain

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It’s an exciting prospect. Working as a Restaurant Manager for a brand that really believes in its people – and will give you all the support you need to grow your restaurant. Despite the recession, we’re serious about investing to grow our business. We’re investing in our people too, with great training and development programmes. (No wonder so many of our Area Managers and Head Office Operational team started off in our restaurants.) If you’ve got the drive and ideas to keep a business – and a team – developing fast, we’ll give you all the tools you need to be a real success.
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You can create a great atmosphere in your restaurant. You’ll make sure your team love coming into work – and customers want to keep coming back for more. You’ve also got a sharp business brain. So if we give you an objective, you’ll work out a way to make sure it happens (aided, of course, by our management ‘success by design’ tool that will help you take your restaurant to new heights).

Whether you’re recruiting brilliant new team members, analysing how the business is doing and coming up with new innovative ideas to make it run even better, making sure your team are fully trained up, or promoting marketing initiatives in your area, you’ll make a big success of your role.
Requirements :
The skills you’ll need as a Restaurant General Manager
You may be a Restaurant Manager already. Or becoming a Restaurant Manager might be your next career move. You might even be a Manager in the catering or hospitality industries looking to move into restaurant management.

Whatever your background, you’ll need to have shown you can lead a sizeable team. Our restaurants have between 20 and 60 people – and you’ll need to inspire and develop each and every one of them. You’re used to working in an environment where you’re face to face with the customer – and where driving sales and delivering great service are all important.
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