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Head Baker

Retail consult
Dubai - UAE

Job summary :
The Baker role is dedicated to providing
quality service that exceeds Guest and Member
expectations work to create guests for life, by
proactively embracing service standards, adhering to
safety regulations and gaining the knowledge to assist
guests with any and all needs.
Job details :
Role :

* Responsible for Bakery's quality of production.

* Vast experience in specialty breads and pastries.

* Knowledge of ordering products and maintaining food

* Distribute work assignment to Bakery associates
according to Pastry Chef's standards.

* Maintain Bakery equipment according to standard
maintenance procedures.

* Prep and final construction of all pastry and

* Proper storage of ingredients and final products.

* Proper dough cutting, portion control, and baking

* Performs routine kitchen duties.

* Responsible for production of outlet items on time
and to specs.

* Take daily inventory and create requisition for
day's production.

* Date and label all items going into freezer and
walk-in, clean as you go.

* Rotate oldest stock first, check with chef if
freshness is questionable.

* Assist in the Pastry section as needed during busy
Requirements :
* Must be 18 years of age.

* Previous bakery experience preferred.

* Must be able to stand for duration of shift.

* Must be able to lift over 40 pounds horizontal,
overhead, floor to waist, grasping/holding,
pushing/pulling, and carrying.
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