randhcareers are a France owned and operated organisation by Retail consult,sasu. The team at RandHcareers have been selected for their unique combination of experience and personality to ensure both specialist and general recruitment and human resource requirements are accomplished at the highest possible standard. They can fulfill all of your needs in general recruitment as well as the full range of specialist requirements for:

Retail, Hospitality, Sales and Marketing & FMCG

Each consultant at RandHcareers focuses on the specific requirements of personal attention to detail, clear understanding of client requirements and a consistent focus on accurate fulfilment of the unique needs of their extensive customer base. They work in all industries and all organisational sizes including small, medium or large corporations in both the private and public sectors.

The RandHcareers will understand the unique requirements of each different customer, which allows them to provide a personalised and efficient one-on-one boutique style service. They specialise in permanent placements for junior, management or executive level roles as well as the full range of temporary and contract roles. RandHcareers are so confident of their ability to source the right candidate for your role that they’ll offer up to a three month guarantee on most permanent roles (refer to specific terms and conditions for details).

Why Choose Us

A Key Point of difference

RandHcareers focus on providing ongoing human resource support as well as recruitment solutions. Their service will not cease at just filling your employment vacancies, because they will also assist you in retaining, developing and managing your new and existing employee investment. Their multiple business streams of recruitment, human resources and project outsourcing

Go the extra mile

Just Careers Recruitment understands how the livelihood and success of your business will often come down to the effectiveness of those who work for you. Through focused HR management and by adopting an attitude of partnership and professionalism, Just Careers Recruitment will help your organisation and its employees become highly effective and fulfilled.

The right staff for your needs

RandHcareers are proud of having the highest quality staff in gulf and Middle east human resources. They are committed to developing long-term, personal and mutually beneficial relationships with each of their clients.

Their staffs are at your disposal with an extensive range of proficiencies in recruitment, industrial relations and human resources to help you get the right advice and adopt the best approach for your particular business. They can assist you in all general recruitment needs as well as having a detailed understanding of the following specialist areas:

Retail, Hospitality, Sales and Marketing & FMCG

RandHcareers are committed to building and maintaining strong and personalised business relationships with each of their clients. They understand that the path to true success is to ensure the success of their customers.